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Its all about the details! Featuring a delicately crocheted cotton trim, this ultra flattering cheeky bottom offers a beautiful fit with amazing zig-zag stitching to hold you in place!

  • Delicately stitched cotton crochet trim - perfectly paired with our Crochet Halter Bikini Top
  • Will provide a bit more bum coverage than our 'thong' style bottoms
  • Zig-zag stitching creates a super secure fit
  • Fit runs true to size - can size up if you want it less snug
  • This bottom remains a 'cheeky' cut even when sizing up
  • Breathable and fully lined with two layers of Kulani high quality ‘Re-Kini' fabric
  • Made from 84% recycled polyester base and 16% elastane, with 100% cotton trim

Cold gentle hand wash ONLY for all our pieces is recommended - no bleach, please! To dry, please hang or lay flat in a shady area. Do not put your swimwear in the dryer (not even on a gentle cycle!) as this can damage, distort, or discolour your bikini!

Hot tubs & chlorinated pools can affect our kinis - please avoid them if you treasure yours! For neon and pastel-coloured bikinis we love to add a teaspoon of salt when washing to maintain vibrancy. Sunscreen is super important + tinted sunscreens and fake tan are amazing but please be careful when applying as these products can stain fabrics.

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